2021-23 Capital Budget Request

Western faculty, staff, and administrators engaged in a year-long process to develop the 2021-2031 Capital Plan and 2021-23 Capital Request. The Capital Plan includes major (over $10 million), intermediate ($2 million to $10 million), and minor works ($25,000 to $2 million) preservation and programmatic projects. The Vice Presidents and the Space Modeling & Capital Plan Development Working Group developed a draft of the 2021-31 Capital Plan and 2021-23 Capital Request after receiving helpful feedback from the University Planning and Resources Council (UPRC), the Board of Trustees (BOT), and the campus community. The final version of the Capital Request and Capital Plan was approved by the BOT at their June 2020 meeting.

The projects that make up the 2021-23 Capital Request were submitted to the State in August 2020. Details of these submittals can be found below. The 2021-31 Capital Plan will be submitted to the State in September 2020.

2021-23 Capital Plan Associated Documents

Contact Information

Brian Ross, Assistant Director Capital Budget

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